5 Extraordinary Videos About Budapest

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It seems inevitable to create bonds with Budapest – the city has a magical effect on anyone who gives it a chance. History, art, and culture – inspiration hits everyone differently, but these creators have one thing in common: they wanted to capture their relationship with Budapest with a camera. I made a selection of my favourite videos about Budapest – the city, which will always own my heart.

1. Gerschwin meets Budapest

All the jazz fans are going to lose it while watching these breathtaking drone shots. Instead of choosing a dramatic classical music piece or movie soundrack from Hans Zimmer, the creator, György Pető started with an interesting approach: picked Gerschwin‘s Rhapsody of Blue as a song for his video. The playfulness of the song gives us an insight into Pető’s feelings about Budapest’s most iconic places. The way Gerschwin combined jazz and classical music elements in his world-famous piece resonate with the always-moving crowd among the walls of historical buildings like the Parliament, the Castle of Buda, or the Basilica.

2. Goosebumps and flowing emotions

If say quality timelapse videos, my technofil followers immediately get those goosebumps. The others need to click to experience this physical reaction to the collision of amazing resolution, camera techniques, and excellent choice of heroic music. The channel “Cities in 4K” is not famous without a reason: Budapestians will go tears watching this video, and have the same feeling, when Hungarian athletes get a gold medal at the Olimpics. It is uplifting and unique: this is how Cities in 4K sees the Elizabeth Bridge, the Chain Bridge, the Liberty Bridge, the Buda Castle, the Citadella, St. Stephan´s Basilica, the Adam Clark Tunnel, the Heroes Square, the Fisherman´s Bastion, and the Parliament.

3. Timelessness and Game of Thrones vibes

Greg Florent‘s video titled “Daynight” captures iconic parts of the city, as the sun goes down, and the lights switch on. At the beginning of the video the song “Don’t Forget Us” composed by Gabriel R. Shadid & Tobias Marberger gives us some Dothraki-esque vibes, which works really well to build up the tension. You can feel as history and the present melt together, as the vibrant life of the capital buzzes among the old stones and walls.The video keeps us in this anticipation for a long-long time, and through the video, you realise, that the anticipation is going to stay till the end. While waiting, the tunes of stringed instruments, distant vocals and the piano have a majestic turn, and give off some Westeros-like feeling. As the symbolic buildings light up and down, we get a grasp of timelessness Florent might have experienced: regardless the life around them, these buildings seem to stand there for eternety.

4. Being a bird

Have you imagined how you would see the world if you were a bird? This short video about the János-hegy gives us a perspective on birdlife by Drónos Srácok. The melancholic atmosphere created by the foggy weather and the song “Sadness” by Little Clubthing provides us a new grasp on drone videos. The video makes you feel good and comfy being alone, on top of János-hegy, away from the crowd of the city. As you fly above the clouds and look around, the beauty of loneliness and tranquility becomes touching. The creators found a unique and emotional way to show us how they view this well-known spot of Budapest.

5. Excitement of a discovery

With Expendia‘s One Day in Budapest video, we get all the anticipation and curiosity a tourist feels when they visit Budapest for the first time. The soundtrack is amazing. It is called A Hole in the Sun composed by Two Steps From Hell – a world famous movie soundtrack composer collective founded by Thomas Bergersen. With its dominant violins and drums the song adds some almost Middle-Eastern vibe to the video, highlighting the always buzzing and always awake nature of the city. The bright sunlight gives the daylight shots even more life and power, and encourages us to become explorers from viewers – this spectacular video makes you want to go and discover the city instead of watching videos about it.

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