Kiskunhalas – the city where you can become whoever you want to be

Picture yourself a city that never sleeps, a city where streets are bustling with crowds of tourists, In one hand they are holding a selfie stick, the other is full of fridge magnets as they hesitantly shuffle around in front of the city’s tourist attractions, looking for the best selfie spot. Well, the city of Kiskunhalas is completely different. From time to time you stumble upon a few occasional tourists who are munching away on their kürtöskalács (funnel cakes) as they walk around the city centre and they look embarrassed when they ask you the question: „Wo ist das Spitzenhaus?” And you are suddenly engulfed in that old, familiar yet unexplainable, heartwarming feeling which is so reassuring: some things never change. Things that never change include the flat, never ending horizon you always wanted to take a picture of every time you’re there but it’s so wide it simply doesn’t fit into the frame. Another thing that doesn’t change is the scent of the night, and the disciplined rows of plane trees standing tall and green along the road like soldiers despite the autumn chill.
And the swirling colours on the huge trucks rolling South at the break of dawn towards the Serbian border on Route 53 which splits the town in half are still the same.
In Kiskunhalas you can become whoever you want to be as the city fulfills all your desires. Really.

1) Be lazy and do nothing but relax
2) Be realistic and leave your mountain bike at home (but do bring your road bike!)
3) Be a beer sommelier and taste the locally crafted beer called Hopfanatic in Kupa söröző ( better known as Hóvirág )

4) Be curious and check what is written on the synagogue’s facade from the opposite side of the street and than check it again standing right in front of the church 🙂
5) Be a real proletarian at the “Három tavasz” monument, don’t forget to selfie 🙂
6) Be self indulgent and pamper yourself in the Halas Thermál Spa and bath
7) Be ingenious and bring out from yourself the hidden Don Quixote at Sáfrik windmill
8) Be a superstitious pupil before his exams and make sure you don’t cross the “Szekunda Barlang” (the bad mark cave)
9) Be adventurous and search for the town’s churchbell which was hidden from the Ottomans in the Harangos lake (Churchbell lake) and it has never been found ( Quick help from VIBES: There is no longer even the lake LOL )
10) Be generous and bring home as a present a nice piece of Lace from the Lace Museum (Alice Roosewelt, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elisabeth II, Pope Francis and many more celebrities were really happy with it)
11) Be a gourmet and taste the really spicy but very yummy plate of the locals, the Betyárfalatok in Sóstói Csárda.
12) Be an aesthete and check out the paintings of the Kiskunhalas born painter János Thorma in Thorma János Múzeum
13) Be wild like the conqueror Huns and check the various horse races of the town
14) Be eager to know the history and visit the bizarre spectacle of the town, the Stone of shame
15) Be romantic and watch the sunset at lake Sóstó.

Be whoever you want to be. Kiskunhalas is waiting for you.





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