December Vibes

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December Vibes

Each year in December we tend to fall in a peculiar state of mind, don’t you think so? I think we are somehow putting on a different personality, we are becoming someone who is completely hidden in the other eleven months of the year. We become more hesitant and indecisive than usual. Sometimes we are able to brood for long minutes in front of a shelf full of sweets hesitating which chocolate Santa Claus we should buy; the one which is winking with the left eye or the one winking with the right eyebce6baad7da92df87bb08dec329a1aba and suddenly we just decide to purchase no
sweets at all and we finally buy a pound of pork cheese instead. We become more nostalgic. We have an irresistible desire to watch ‘Home Alone’ over and over again while we are in a state of coma which is due to the huge quantities of stuffed cabbage that we ate. We become more unpredictable. Sometimes we catch ourselves whilst humming some andom Christmas songs, and we are surprised to note that we didn’t even know the lyrics. We become more sensual. Rrrrrr. December is the month of velvet, lace and glitters and gold! We can finally put on that sexy red lipstick that has been waiting for so long in our beauty bag for its first debut combining it with those stilettoes that we saved for special occasions.




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