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January is always the month of challenges as we try to forget the previous year and promise ourselves the following one will actually bring all the changes in our lives. That is the reason we make resolutions and in the beginning we are overly energized to actively look for those changes. This year I am also going to make a resolution: I am going to read (at least) twelve books in 2017 which equals one book a month and I am inviting you as well to take part with me!
One book a month is undeniably not an ambitious aim but I have several arguments for it. First of all, I believe that most of the resolutions eventually fail because they set too high standards. For example, you can make the resolution to double your profit but you might lose your motivation when you meet the first obstacle or when the aim turns out to be more difficult to attain than you had previously thought it would be. As I do not wish to fall into this trap I am starting with the one book a month and who knows? If I have time for more, I might exceed this number.

Then, this resolution is a guiding line for me in order to remind me of the importance of books. To my mind, books are crucial because they allow us to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Every person in this world has a unique set of personality traits which makes me Me and you You, and we sometimes cannot understand each other’s behaviour because we have extremely different personalities. Books can help in overcoming this barrier because they portray the train of thoughts of the character and their actions.

Finally, books are not to be eaten up as fast as possible. A good book will make you question things, it will make you think. And this process needs some time, which I am gladly willing to give it.
I hope you will also be willing to give them the time, it is one of the best investments you can make for your future self!:)



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