July Vibes

Everything is hard before it gets easy.

— Johann Wolfgang Goethe

we have to admit that in the last few weeks there were some kinds of magical vibes in the air. We became politicians and stock experts and soccer fanatics. Have you ever imagined that you would run home only to watch a football game on TV? Animagesd that everybody around you would do the same and you would love each other and forget all your problems for 90 minutes? No, right? We won and we lost and we did it all together. TOGETHER. Magical word, forgotten word, rediscovered word. As Goethe said: “Everything is hard before it gets easy.” So lets put our positive grey pants on and let’s shout: Szép volt fiúk!? * This month we are going to be active as well with all the
festivals and Red Bull races and summer programmes and of course with doing lots of planking and crunches YEAAAAHHH 🙂 (Check out July’s challenge) We also prepared for you a wine horoscope. Happy July Vibes!

*It was nice guys!



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