February Vibes

February is the shortest month of the year but often the one which seems to be the longest. This is the month of New Year’s resolutions that either have not been started or already-broken. 🙂  In January we still have enough motivation to implement our decisions and we are still determined to „get started, and achieve our goals or quit doing this or that or finish a certain something, whatever it may be, no matter what…”.

But in February the stream of excuses comes to a halt and disappears while we sit back and cuddle up in the warm, familiar comfort of our usual everyday lives just like the blocks of ice slowly melting into the Danube river on their journey to the South. We indulge ourselves in self pity as we stare at the steamed up window; we are lost in mourning for ourselves because our lives are worthless, our promises didn’t add up to anything and we never managed to become influencers or vloggers and anyway, we don’t even have a lousy little startup company. Not even one!

Our apathetic behaviour during this month is not unique. Romans simply skipped January and February in their calendar as they considered winter a monthless period. If we observe the meaning of February in different languages we may notice that they are not so inspiring (with the exception of  our great Finnish friends who called this month helmikuu, meaning “month of the pearl”.) In Old English the month of February was referred to as ‘solmonath’ meaning “mud month” and also “Kale-monath”, meaning “cabbage”month. For etimology freaks (like us) click on the link to see how they say “February”  in different languages in Europe.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Romans. They actually dedicated these early months for purification. That is probably the reason why later on, when the month of February was added to the calendar by a Roman emperor called Numa Pompilius around 713 BC, they named it in honour of Februus, the Roman God of Purification.

I love this idea: to dedicate the entire month to cleansing and purifying our bodies. It’s so refreshing and energizing, it gives a whole different meaning to this early and rather boring month of the year . Don’t you think so? Vibes will show you some detoxicating smoothies that are not only healthy but also taste great; in order to relax and calm our minds we will meditate (check out this video as an appetizer) Finally, we will also do some yoga exercises!!

Of course you must always bear in mind that in February we are also celebrating LOVE ?. I know, many of you are very sceptical when it comes to the values related to Valentine’s day but I firmly believe that there is nothing that could possibly go wrong as long as we are spending our time cutting out little hearts made of paper and buying heart shaped chocolates.

Soooooo, happy celebration and Happy February Vibes to all of you! XOXO





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  1. Dalma says:

    I think February is the zero-month of spring. Not the last month of winter 🙂

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