In the race for visitors of Balaton more and more village tries to lurk the tourists to themselves. Tihany sets off from an advantageous position for this race as it has already built out an acclaimed reputation with its famous abbey and its lavender fields. However, these sights only provide a basis for the further charming details of the place which make Tihany truly lovely. Such a detail is the outlook of the tiny streets. As we escape from the capital’s rush, it is a
pleasure to see how the elderly citizens take care of their flowery gardens in their relaxed pace. A similar detail is the idyllic inner lake of Tihany, next to which you can easily spend hours drinking wine while watching the cranes or the gophers sneakily running across the fields. If you climb a bit higher in the village, there are several spots from which you can have a view on the whole of Tihany and on the lakes next to it. However, what left me with the greatest impression while visiting the city was the Southern coast covered in lights. While we were observing these flickering lights on the other side, a quiet but particular sphere swarmed over the environment. All these small details do not mean that it is not worth visiting the abbey. They mean rather that once you visit Tihany, you will not remember only its commonplace sights. In contrast with the villages which allure the tourists with ‘paprika and embroidery’ baits, Tihany provides an original experience.
P.s.: If you want hear a great song inspired by this great city, check out ‘Tihany’ by Csaknekedkislány!

Picture: www.panoramio.com




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