June Vibes

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I have good news : IT IS SUMMER. Comes to my mind a Hungarian poem from Lőrinc Szabó: “Nyár.Kert.Csönd.Dél.Ég. Föld. Fák. Szél.Méh döng. Gyík vár. Pók ring. Légy száll. Jó itt. Nincs más csak a kis ház. Kint csöPic: playbuzz.comnd és fény. Bent te meg én.”* Simple but beautiful, it says everything. I believe we don’t need much for happiness. Let’s stop for a small minute and observe the beauty that surrounds us. Let’s switch off our phone. Let’s enjoy the light summer shower on our face. Let’s smile without a reason and let’s remind ourselves that summer is a state of mind. VIBES is ready to get you in the mood! Happy Summer Vibes to all of you!

*Lőrinc Szabó :Summer. Garden. Silence. Noon. Sky. Earth. Trees. Wind. Bees buzzing. Lizard waiting. Spider swinging. Fly flies around. It is good to be here. There is nothing else but our tiny house. You and I within. Light and silence without. (Translation: Csekő /Tiborszki)



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