Flamingo Fever

Flamingo fever like other tropical inspired trends reached our definitely not tropical country. After a long go-around Flamingos landed in Hungary. And what a stylish landing it has been! These pretty-in-pink birdies are literally everywhere. As you can see they stole the heart of VIBES as well 🙂 What is their secret? It’s simple. There are some animals that have a much better marketing and PR then others. Like for example pandas, or squirrels. Flamingos are among the privileged ones. I personally have never seen one in my life but I just love them. They are so elegant and graceful and adorable and just so pinkish; no wonder ancient Egyptians believed flamingos to be a representation of “Ra”, the Sun God. But there are other reasons as well why we can love them. For example because they can run on water. They really can. Flamingos are actually monogamous. That’s so sweet! They are amazing dancers as well. Did you know that a group of flamingos is called flamboyance? This sounds really fancy. Keep calm and think pink. 🙂 <3




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