The Ultimate Wine Horoscope


AQUARIUS, you are honest, loyal and highly intelligent. Easy going and make natural friendships. The new, novel and modern have a magnetic allure in the amiable Aquarius’ world. You are determined to make the world a better place.

Your wine is: NYAKAS Irsai Olivér

CAPRICORN, you are ambitious and determined and hardworker. Your ambition is boundless, but you are cautious, responsible and always play fair. That’s why your success is all the more sweet.

Your wine is: TAKLER SYRAH

SAGITTARIUS, you are a truthseeker and you are in the best place because “In vino veritas”. You are philosopical, energetic and enthusiastic. You always see the glass half full. Your optimism helps to everyone around you.

Your wine is: VYLYAN Pinot Noir

SCORPIO, you are mysterious and strong willed. Fiercely loyal. Will aim for the stars, determined to succeed. Your focus is unshakable, and you posess a keen sense of intuition. You are fearless.

Your wine is BOCK Cabernet Sauvignon.

LIBRA, you are balanced and just. You surround yourself easily with harmony and beauty. Keen intuition describes you but often don’t give yourself enough credit for your perception. You are romantic to the core.

Your wine is: DÚZSI Kékfrankos

VIRGO you are keen mind, naturally intuitive, sharp minded and pays attention to detail, meticulous. Great archiever, yet still humble. Well spoken and has great understanding of human nature, wise.

Your wine is : FIGULA Zenit

LEO, you are kind, big hearted, loyal and trustworthy, and you are a naturalborn leader. You are brave, intuitive and also headstrong and willful. Beneath your dynamic personality lies a generous, loving, sensitive nature that you rarely share with others.

Your wine is TOKAJI ASZÚ

Dear CANCER, you are imaginative and intuitive, sensitive individual that is loyal and giving and will rarely expect much in return of your faithfullness. You love deeply and admire the people you are close to.

Your wine is FRITTMANN Cserszegi Fűszeres

GEMINI, you are openminded, clearthinker and easygoing. Brimming with energy and vitality. You are always curious. Change and freedom are important for you.

Your wine is SAUSKA Sárgamuskotály

TAURUS, you are famous for your strength, stamina and will. Your motto is “If anything is worth doing , it’s worth doing it well.” Your great strength is in your stability, loyalty and dogged determination. Nomen est Omen:

your wine is THUMMERER Egri Bikavér

ARIES, you are creative, adaptive, and insightful. You are loyal to the end and would always fight for your causes. You take initiatives, have courage and determination. You are highly independent and adventurous.

Your wine is: GERE Rosé

PISCES you are honest, unselfish, trusworthy. Your imagination power have the capacity to take you to great heights. You are extremely intuitive and you are a real sensitive soul.

Your wine is: LAPOSA Rajnai Rizling

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