What’s In Your Beauty Bag?

Think happy – be happy 🙂 VIBES was having a chat with the always flawless and always smiling Diána. She revealed to us some of her beauty secrets. A great chat, a good coffee and amazing beauty products. What else do you need to start the day well?

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V: Do you have some tried and tested beauty tips or beauty routine you could share with us?

I swear to castor oil. It has amazing benefits for your skin and hair. Massaging your scalp with it can give you thicker and longer hair. It also helps reduce split ends, controls hair breakage, and conditions and moisturizes your hair. I also put some oil on my eyelashes and leave it on overnight. In a few weeks my lashes will look like the fake ones. ?

V: Do you have a favourite lipstick?

I love liquid lipsticks, now my fave matte one is Cashmere by LimeCrime.

V: What is the secret of your everyday beauty?

First of all, I hydrate. I do not follow strict rules with this, just make sure I drink just enough that I don’t feel thirsty throughout the day.
I also use sunscreen and always moisturise my face.
Oh, and do not forget, hands and neck are important too! Treat your hands and neck like your face.

V: What is your morning beauty routin?

I am not a morning person, so my morning routine is quite short.
I wash my face with cold water and apply my daily tinted moisturizer that has a built-in sunscreen too. I put on some natural make up, usually use matte powder, highligther, blush and mascara.
Than comes coffeeee!

V: Thank You Diána!



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