January Vibes

I was just sitting under our plastic Christmas tree with my cell phone in my hand checking out some news on the web, and from time to time I looked up to admire the reflection of the twinkling lights . As I was languidly reaching out for an other piece of fondant accidently I tappled half of the native scene of the Holy Family with my arm.  I was subconsciously placing back the plastic baby Jesus to his manger while I was still watching my phone when the title of an article caught my eye: ‘Surreal is the word of the Year 2016’. That started me wonder; why this word?… The Thesaurus of foreign expressions says that „surreal” means something beyond reality, something unbelievable. But what exactly is the df643768081a8467bbf0daec52c4fc1cthing we refer to as „reality”? We are all taking it for granted that we are sleepy as we get on Tram number 4 in the morning, just like the fact that we are rotating around a fireball all day and every day in the middle of nowhere. When we hear the word „surreal” we all think of something astonishing, something really breathtaking. In  the meantime we are totally oblivious of the fact that  there are roughly 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms that build up our bodies and they all work together in a perfectly co-ordinated system just to enable us to pick up the remote control device of the TV every evening. Doesn’t that make you wonder? Maybe we should approach our existence from a different angle. Life is magic and actually we are all made of stardust 🙂 Now that is surreal, isn’t it? 🙂  I wish you  all a wonderful 2017!



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