April Vibes

Dear Vibes Reader! This is our last editorial letter. Sure! This is a joke for April’s fools 🙂 🙂
Let’s get back to reality! After a seemingly never-ending winter our unfaithful swallows are finally back from Africa. Yeah! It might seem incredible but now it’s official: SPRING IS HERE.
The gentle April rain washes away our solemn winter faces in a moment like the sea washes the shoreline. Underneath our happiness is ready to come to the surface once again; the merry people that we all are: the ones who paint eggs, prepare Easter bunny nests, post happy selfies and sweet kittens. While we are watching tutorials on garden furniture on the Internet we are preparing plans on just how we should finally clean up the apartment, rearrange our
room and start a whole new life this coming spring. And when we finally get down to cleaning the windows we are astonished to see that the house across the street has been torn down and replaced by a park; in the meantime the
trees grew so tall that they had to be cut back because their gigantic foliage prevented the returning storks from finding their nests.
Oh yes, it was definitely a long winter. 
This month we are feeling very lucky because we have an exclusive interview introducing two talented young Hungarian ladies: Anita and Melinda, the creators of a newborn Hungarian designer bag brand called MADNYS®.
And since we are discussing bags anyway,Vibes is ready to show you some life-saving bag- organizing hacks. We will also talk about the benefits of coconut-oil AAAAAAND we will travel to the South of Hungary, to Pécs.
Come and join us!
Wishing to All of You Happy Easter and Happy April Vibes!


Editor in Chief

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