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Around the Christmas period we all get caught up in a frenzy of shopping. In the beginning of December because we would like to buy the most suitable presents for our loved ones and at the end of the month because the sales are tempting us to spend some more money again.  However, as a consequence we often end up with clothes we wear only once or never again. This means that the cotton was collected in vain, the workers sew the textile in vain, the train which brought the clothes here emitted a considerable amount of CO2 partly in vain and so on which is a massive energy wasted even in the case on one shirt. That is why in this article I would like to list four options to help the sustainability of your wardrobe.

1.) First and foremost, bethink yourself if you actually need the product before buying it. Be honest: are you buying those pants because your last pair is nearly torn or are you doing so because your friend was slightly mean with you and you need some consolation in the form of a gift for yourself? Naturally, we can all be tempted at times but this becomes a problem if your natural response for negative happenings is brainless shopping.
2.) If you need a pair of clothing, consider buying something made by local designers!  Generally, this is an option which not everyone can afford regularly but nowadays there are upcoming designers who take notice of the income of an average Hungarian employee. You could visit shops like Paloma, Projekt Showroom , Insitu etc. where products of various designers are presented. And in return, you can know for sure that yyou did not help a fashion mogul in further increasing his wealth but you helped a local entrepreneur make a more decent living.
3.) A cheaper option is buying clothes from second hand shops. The reason these shops are so great is that they scream sustainability. They give those poor, orphaned clothes another chance! It is no wonder that they are booming so much in Hungary: not only can you find unique pieces, it allows you to dress up the way you want for an economical price!
4.) If you failed miserably and you did buy heaps of clothes you no longer wear, there are still possibilities for you to be redeemed! You can try selling these clothes on the internet, e.g. on or in a facebook group made specifically for these purposes. Alternatively, you can also hand in a bag of clothes in H&M and get a coupon with 10% off from your next purchase. Eventually, you could hand them in at one of the social centres where they are more than happy to receive your clothes and distribute them between people who do not have the luxury to buy these regularly.




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