August Vibes

It’s August. Melancholy hits us like a Pavlovian reflex at the sight of the first school bags and copybooks on the shelves of stores as we descend into battle for the last remaining pieces of summer sales, until we finally get a glimpse of THEM: those long forgotten KNITTED SWEATERS are back!!!! Their reappearance signals that autumn will once again be knocking on our doors and at the same time it is a sad reminder of the fact that we are still about as white as we were last January. And even more than that! We haven’t even tried on our favourite swimsuits and we still haven’t had a delicious fröccs* on some terrace in the city. We are all pale as we stumble out of the store, creasing and crinkling the shopping bag that still holds a summer dress while vaguely recalling that buying it was only an act of defiance. We are doing our best to suppress the bittersweet taste of August with some ice cream, but it is not going to work no matter how hard we try. In our minds’ eyes we see the recurring apparitions of those knitted sweaters…BUT! VIBES is here to help you to close the heavy door of melancholy. August is a beautiful month.  One of the seven months with a length of 31 days! Do we need a better reason to love it? LOL This year August is even more special because we can cheer for our teams and sportsmen as Olympic Games in Rio are just about to start. Yeaaaaaaaaaah !!!!!! So let’s put ourselves on “Do not disturb” and let’s have a look on what happened last month. Or just sit back, relax and let’s search for some Pokemons 😉  Have a wonderful August!



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