What’s In Your Beauty Bag?

This month we were lucky enough to poke around in the beauty bag of Bianka. She arrived directly from Szentendre to show us the beauty products she is using to emphasize her natural beauty.

Vibes: What is your morning beauty routin?

Bianka: I wash my face with a cleanser then use micellar water/ baby wet wipes to make sure that there is no leftover makeup from yesterday then I apply a moisturizer or a primer then start doing my makeup.

Vibes: Do you have a must-have beauty product that you always carry in your bag?

Bianka: The lipstick of the day.

Vibes: Do you have a favourite mascara? 

Bianka: I’m always trying out new mascaras but lately I’ve been loving the Maybelline one by one volum express because it really opens my eyes.

Vibes: What is the secret of your everyday beauty?

Bianka: Just get enough sleep and drink lots of water, you know you have to hydratate 🙂 Also have a little yoga session of 10 mins in the morning to shine bright from the inside.

What’s in Bianka’s beauty bag?

1, Nivea – makeup starter normal to mixed skin

Nivea Makeup starter

2. Lovely – sculpting powder 3 color press powder

3. Maybelline – one by one volum’ express mascara

4. Alverde – fixierendes spray

5. Clinique – superdefense CC cream – very light

6. Maybelline – Great lash blackest black


7. Victoria’s secret liquid lipstick – velvet matte / drama

8. Mac – Julia Petit / Moving Sand Eyeshadow x 2

9. Clinique rouge – 07 passion pop


Download this article in PDF for free here: Whats in your beauty bag? Vibes September 2017



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