How To Tie A Tie?

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.

— Oscar Wilde

Before tying the knot with the Brit’s most famous “sixpack”, David Gandy let’s check the brief history of this elegant piece of clothing. The first person wearing a cravat (tie) in history was Ivan Gundulic (1589-1638), a famous Croatian poet from Dubrovnik. Croatian soldiers who served in the French army in the 17th century introduced to the world this now essential accessory in fashion. King Louis XIII liked it so much that he made these ties a mandatory accessory for Royal gatherings, and – to honor the Croatian soldiers – he gave this clothing piece the name “La Cravate” – the name for necktie in French to this day. ( Through the history tie have undergone many changes but stayed an essential piece of clothing of an elegant man’s wardrobe. Most common
knots you need to know is : Four in hand, Half Windsor and Windsor. Even though James Bond never trusted a man in Windsor knot we show you how to do the Windsor knot 🙂





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