9 things about Belgium which will make you want to move there

1.Brussels is a perfect destination for a getaway. There are
numberless musea for those who wish to have a holiday
packed with culture,while its parks can be inviting for the ones
seeking some rest.

2.Bruges is Belgium’s little casket with a magical atmosphere
around it. According to Trip Advisor it is “looks like a
backdrop for a fairy tale”.

3.Belgian beers: Belgium does not only produce the word famous Stella, it
makes over 800 other beers famous for their strong taste.

4.Waffles: Similarly to most of the things which you cannot eat while
being on a diet, Belgian waffles are sweet and delicious.

5.Wallonian landscape: While the Flanders part is rather flat, the Ardennes provide the Southern region a picturesque scenery.

6.Antwerp is “a powerful magnet for mode moguls, club queens,
art lovers and diamond dealers.”(Lonely Planet)

7.Chocolate: The real Belgian chocolate is unlike its cheap shell-figured
copy in Hungary that you usually buy as a last- minute gift.

8.Fries: If you have only tasted McDonald’s version of it, you do not
know how delicious fries can be.

9.Stromae is a singer from Brussels but has become famous all
around the world. He mixes catchy and tunes with meaningful
and melodious French lyrics.




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