May Vibes

It’s May. Not Maybe but definitely MAY. She kept us waiting but she is finally here with all her beauty. If we had a lot to celebrate in April there will be even more in May. For example the World Naked Gardening Day will be held on the 7th of May. Save the date 😉 Anyhow for now let’s keep our clothes on and let’s concentrate on the queen of all the months when Earth laughs in flowers. May is the month of change. CHANGE. What a scary word, isn’t it? We often associate the word Change with the Unknown and the word Unknown with the word Fear. But as they say “If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies”. I am encouraging you to open up your hearts to this beautiful metamorphosis and enjoy the wind of change on your face. In May’s edition we will eat pasta and put some scrub on our face to feel amazingly beautiful and we will do some yoga with Adri. Happy April Vibes to all of you!

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