Magic in the bottle: interview with the creator of the SkinDelight beauty oils

This month we were really lucky as we had the possibility to make an exclusive interview with Lilla Kósa; the creator of the SkinDelight natural beauty products. Her magical hand-made body and face nurturing oils are truly unique; even only a drop of them has the power to fly us to Bali, where they were actually born.

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VIBES: What made you discover essential oils? Tell us a bit about yourself and your background. How did it all start?

Lilla: You should be prepared because this is going to be a long story.  I first discovered essential oils when I was aching all over and I was desperately searching to find a solution for my extremely dry skin. I was using commercial body lotions before but due to a massive detox (14 days of juice fasting) my nose got hypersensitive to any aroma or ingredient that was not natural. When I put on my former body lotion it hurt my nose, and it literally felt like I stuck sharp needles up my nose. I had to throw all my cosmetic products away because they all produced the same result. Then I started a quest to find organic and natural products but most of them did the same to my nose. I realised that I needed to look for something that had no preservatives.

That was how I ended up using the extra virgin coconut oil on my skin in addition to using it as a food ingredient – I loved to use it in my delicious raw cakes. It was such a relief to my skin; finally it felt good again and the needle effect in my nose was gone. Oils do not need anything (no preservatives no additives) to keep for a longer term. As a next step I discovered essential oils which have a bit more sexy smell than coconut flakes. It amazed me how potent essential oils were, it was unbelievable what I saw and how I reacted to them. Essential oils are essences of Mother Nature with a high potential healing power on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. Of course I had to dig deeper into this, the journey with raw food and essential oils was a miraculous trip journey: it helped me find my way back to Nature and to myself. I have been deeply grateful for this ever since.

Balaton, SUP

VIBES: What about Bali?

Lilla: Bali has a very special place in my heart. That tiny Island gave me so much. It gave me home, helped to redefine my life and to find my own path. I was burned out and lost when I packed my suitcase and landed on this magical island. I thought 3 months of surfing in the ocean and jungle adventures will be enough to relax and recharge my batteries then I will get back to “normal”. Well, things came out differently, I stayed for 3 years and my whole life changed upside down and inside out. This was the best thing ever happened to me.

Bali somehow got into my blood, and even after leaving the island, it continues to live in me. Bali vibes got into the SkinDelight serums as well. I know that but I never thought strangers can tell it too, I received a few letters saying that when they first smelled SilkTouch they were taken back to Bali immediately, they had clear vision of their own holiday there. So for me Bali is a magical place and I hope someday I can share this magic not only through SkinDelight but to show the Island itself to Divas like I was then…

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

VIBES: What makes your oils so special and unique?

Lilla: I believe that we are all unique, so my oils are unique from the fact that I make them myself by hand, they have my vibes in them added to the power of Mother Nature. They are made with passion and love in the middle of a forest in the fantastic region of the Balaton Highlands, the hilly area north of the lake. As regards a more “down to Earth” approach, the uniqueness is based on the extraordinary ingredients.

Over the years I have selected very high quality organic cold pressed oils and essential oils from all over the world. My nose is still extremely sensitive and I can feel huge differences between two organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oils as well, might even tell you where they are from. With essential oils this test is easier as their smell is way more intense. I first sniff into any essential oil to check its aroma then stay still and watch what happens in my body, how it resonates inside. If the resonance is not high enough it will never be selected into any SkinDelight serum. I noticed that essential oils are so much more powerful than others if the plant is treated with care and love, and harvested in its most potent timing according to Nature’s calendar. These extremely high quality essential oils mostly come from smaller organic productions but not always.

VIBES: Which is the most popular SkinDelight oil? Could you give us an explanation or tell us the reason why?

Lilla: Evidently the Youth Elixir serum, we all want to be young and beautiful. Youth Elixir is super packed with nourishments giving back the natural healthy glow to the skin; the skin on our face and the whole body starts to revive and rejuvenate. SkinDelight Divas (I prefer this expression to ‘customers’) report so many inspiring feedbacks. One said this product worked like an iron, smoothing all her wrinkles which all disappeared. Another SkinDelight Diva told me very enthusiastically that she did not need to wear makeup any more, her skin became perfect, and everyone keeps noticing her amazing, brand new skin. I love the feedback I get from these ladies, no celebrities just everyday heroes, where any moment they can spend on themselves is precious, and I am happy if I can make it even more special with SkinDelight oils so they will feel pampered and beautiful in their body and soul.

VIBES: Do you have a personal favourite among your assorted products? 

Lilla: Oh, sure! My personal favourite is SilkTouch; it was the very first blend, and it keeps reminding me of the whole SkinDelight quest from the very beginning to the present. Furthermore, SilkTouch has so much from Bali inside, its scent takes me back to the ocean, I hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and feel the sand between my toes.

VIBES: Is there a specific oil that you think we should all carry wherever we go?

Lilla: There are “must have” products but I think they are different for each of us. The best would be to make a unique blend of oil for each person that is nurturing him/her in body mind and spirit. I love to do this, I find it so inspirational, I think about the given person and pick exactly the ingredients that he or she really needs.

VIBES: Why is it important to use organic skin care products?

Lilla: There are numerous scientific studies about this topic but I do not wish to go into that level of detail right now. I will just tell you that we should use them because it feels right. Skin is the largest organ of the human body as far as surface area is concerned and everything we put on our skin is absorbed into the body. I think it is crucial for our health and vitality to use pure natural and organic products.

Administering toxins into the body through food or via skincare products gives a lot of work to our whole system because we want to get rid of those toxins. There are cases when this is not possible and the end result is that our bodies get tired and start ageing faster. I believe that if we use organic and natural products we are giving our bodies pure nourishment; I also think this is a way of showing respect to the body we live in.

Another great advantage of high quality organic natural essences is that skincare will achieve its real meaning. When I was using commercial lotions, skincare was just a necessary routine that you must get over with as fast as possible. Now, when I put a few drops of oil in my palms and massage them into my face, my cells instantly come alive and my soul inhales the magnificent aroma. It feels like I can do wonders to my skin with my own hands through applying the SkinDelight oil and my soul is flying free. In those moments I am totally and completely with myself which means that I listen to myself and care for myself. Every occasion feels like a beauty ritual.

VIBES: What is the most challenging aspect of running your own brand?

Lilla: The challenging part is when you have to do tasks that are not your favourite and/or you know you are not good at them, but you are still too small to hire someone to do them for you, or there is simply no one else who can do the job. For example I am a nature girl, definitely not a gadget girl, even less a social networking one, for me it is a real challenge to regularly share thoughts online, I still do it myself. SkinDelight is not just another beauty product on the market; it represents a whole lifestyle of being conscious about our choices, conscious in terms of choosing the best for ourselves and at the same time respecting the resources of Nature and each other as humans.

VIBES: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Lilla: Being in my Lab which is my sanctuary and creating a symphony of scents. It feels completely different from the work I did before. I am living totally in the moment and for the moment, filled with joy and the power of creation. When the blend is ready, I sniff it and if every cell of my body is tickling I know that’s it, it’s the one.

View from the SkinDelight manufactury

Lake Balaton

VIBES: What are your plans? Do you plan on adding new products to the SkinDelight family? Any experiments?

Lilla: There are so many new product developments going on and I can hardly wait to come out and present them, but it is a grand game of patience and tons of paperwork. Putting together a shampoo that is pure and clean to the same degree as SkinDelight oils is a real challenge.  It is almost a “mission impossible”, so of course I am into it and you will hear more about it in the future, for sure.

VIBES: Where can VIBES readers reach you and where can we buy your oils?

Lilla: Please visit our website and web shop and Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.

VIBES: Thank you! 🙂




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