BAGS WITH A WOW-EFFECT: Interview with the Creators of the brand-new Hungarian Designer Bag Brand: MADNYS®

This month we feel very lucky as we can introduce you in this exclusive interview two talented young Hungarian ladies: Anita and Melinda, who are the creators of a newborn Hungarian designer bag brand called MADNYS®. After living in Spain for many years they both returned to Hungary to fulfill their dreams: to creat their own bag brand.

VIBES: First of all let me congratulate you both for launching your own designer bag brand, called MADNYS®. Could you tell us a bit about your background? When did you realize that you had affinity for designing bags? When did you decide to become a designer?

MADNYS: Melinda: We have always had a passion for fashion and designing. Over time it became clear that we wanted to focus on bags, and that was the moment when we started to dream about our own brand. Anita: Melinda studied fashion design at high school, and she has been creating bags since then. I grew up flipping through fashion magazines, it has always been my passion and soon I realized that I wanted to be part of the creative and challanging world of fashion.

VIBES: Do you take part in the production of your bags?

MADNYS: We design our bags; select the colors, materials but production is something that should be done by experienced professionals. We are really happy that we found a small family company that has been working in this business for decades; everything is handmade, and they deliver excellent quality every time.

VIBES: Are all of your bags from leather? What kind of leather are you working with? Do you want to explore other materials as well?

MADNYS: At this moment we are focusing on leather as our primary material. We are using high quality Italian leather; the lining is water-repellent canvas which is practical and also colorful, so it serves as the “good-mood” feature of our bags.

VIBES: They are classy, elegant and unique. I’m not exaggerating if I say that every woman would be more than happy to have at least one of your MADNYS® bag series. Still, can you describe the kind of woman who carries a MADNYS® bag? What is your target market?

MADNYS: Our bags are both elegant and practical at the same time; they are eye catching and love at first sight pieces. We want to encourage women to follow their dreams, and also help moms to look stylish but still be able to carry the baby’s stuff around. We believe style and practicality shouldn’t be separated but complement each other, that is why our bags are so special.

VIBES: Where do you find creative inspiration? Do you have a favorite designer you really admire?

MADNYS: I think the most inspiring thing for us is traveling. We have lived in Spain for six years, we had the chance to travel to places like Granada, Salamanca, and we also had spent time in Portugal. I think the colors, the sea, the lights and the people; they all give us inspiration wherever we are.

VIBES: Each bag has its own story to tell, I believe. Do you have a favorite bag? What’s the story behind it?

MADNYS: We love all of our bags equally because we spent a lot of time creating them, changing ideas, re-sketching etc. until we finally had Aire and Aviana, our two models in our hands. Generally our pink Aviana bag is really popular among our customers, as well as the shiny black Aire model, but again, we do love them all 🙂

VIBES: When we talk about fashion and design we immediately think about Italy, New York or Paris. What is your opinion about the market for designer bags and the overall fashion market in Hungary?

MADNYS: I have the feeling that since we returned to Hungary four years ago the local fashion market has been expanding and growing continuously. There are lots of talented designers who now have the possibility to show their work in concept to multi-brand stores. I also think that Hungarian designers are helping each other; they collaborate on projects and it is also nice to see how more and more local customers give us a chance to survive and to grow by buying Hungarian design.

VIBES: What’s next? Any future projects? Are you going to design bags for men as well? Or do you have some other plans?

MADNYS: At this moment we are focusing on promoting our brand. We now have an online presence and a website, but we also have a lot of work ahead. So right now we want to build a strong brand and continue creating bags that people love. We are looking forward to collaborating with other Hungarian designers; a men’s line is not in the pipeline at this moment.

VIBES: There are many designer bag brands on the market, why should customers choose MADNYS® bags? What makes your handbags special?

MADNYS: We produce limited series, which means that nearly every bag is made to order; that is making them special. It is created with passion, through expert hands and with care. The difference is in the details; we designed them for everyday use, they accompany you through your days, and they are practical and good mood booster at the same time because of their colorful inside and elegant outside.

VIBES: Just one more question for curiosity’s sake 🙂 Where is the name MADNYS coming from?

MADNYS: That is the question our friends and family asked the most when we told them we were about to start our own brand. Madnys is the acronym for Madrid, New York and Sopron, three cities with which we have a special connection. Madrid is obvious, we lived there for 4 years, New York has always been a dream, a must visit for every fashion lover. We were there 2 years ago and it was like a dream come true. We were born and raised in Sopron, our family lives there so we have our roots there.

VIBES: Where can VIBES readers reach you in case they want to purchase your bags?

MADNYS: We have a website and also an Instagram account @madnysbags and you can also find us on our Facebook page. Currently we are only shipping to Hungary but hopefully soon we can take orders from all over Europe as well.




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