Cactus obsession 2018 🌵

Ladies and Gentlemen cactus obsession is officially on. While last year we were still filling our hearts and homes with pineapple, watermelon and flamingo shaped pillows, accessories and all kind of decoration, this year we are transforming our homes to urban jungles or eventually to urban deserts. The cactus trend which has been on and about already last year; is hotter than ever in 2018. Sooo, how to turn our lives a bit more “cactusy”? Check out our favourite pieces 🌵🌵🌵

1. Wallpaper from @betapetwallpapers

2. Cactus Bath Mat

3. Hollow Cactus Design Hair Clip @sheinofficial

4. Crochet cactus by @maison_bonjour

5. Cactus stone art by @stonzie_by_idilo

5. Cactus candles

6. Cactus sofa (Source)

7. Cactus string art on wooden plaques by @atwestend

8. Cactus tattoo by @beccagennebacon

9. Lovely Delicate Cactus Brooch Pins by

10. Cactus macarons by @adelaidebakes

11. Cactus lights Source

12. Cactus trinket dish by

13. Inflatable cactus pool float

14. Kate Spade Women’s Scenic Route Cactus Ring 

15. Mustard Cactus Audio Splitter by

16. Cactus ice cube trays by The Original Party Bag Company

17. Welcome mat by Nickel Designs 

18. Cactus mirror by Winged World 

19. Cactus wall decoration and sign

20. Cactus printed carpet (

21. Cactus pottery ( Pinterest)

22. Sanchita Cactus Printed Silk Twill Pants by



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