The Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are most commonly known for their innumerable health benefits. They have the advantage of containing several different antioxidants that may help prevent a range of health concerns, from cardiovascular disease and cancer to skin damage and sunburn.

In addition to fiber and vitamin C, citrus fruits contain a rich supply of  calcium, potassium, folate and vitamin A. Oranges, lemons, mandarins,  limes or grapefruits an other citrus fruits besides giving us our daily dose of vitamins, can also be used as natural cosmetic products. They are ideal for a daily skin care routine. Vitamin C helps produce collagen, which provides structure and elasticity for your skin and tendons.  Citrus fruits are known to provide hydration to the body. making you fresh and rejuvenated, they reduce aging signs and tone your skin. They enhance nail growth as well. The peels of citrus fruits work as great exfoliating scrubs. They are perfect also for the hair as they increase hair volume, prevents hair fall and a lot more! Let’s see our favourites beauty recipes!!

1. Lemon Hair Mask

To repair damaged hair endings, take a tablespoon of olive oil, egg yolk and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your hair and cover it with a plastic wrap. Leave it on for two hours. Then thoroughly wash your hair. You can use this hair mask once a week!

Cell-renewing grapefruit mask

2. Cell-renewing grapefruit mask

Mix 2  tablespoons of grapefruit juice with 1 teaspoon of carrot juice and 2 tablespoons of plain organic yogurt in a bowl. Apply the paste on your skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. As you rinse it off with warm water, you’ll instantly feel how refreshed and glowing your skin is!

3. Lime acne treatment recipe

Boil a cup of milk. Then, add lime juice and one teaspoon of glycerin. Let the mixture cool down for about half an hour. Take a small clean washcloth and dab your freshly washed skin with the liquid. Leave it on your face overnight.

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4. Mandarin and almond facial scrub

Blend 2 teaspoons of almond meal, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoons of mandarin juice together. While taking a shower, apply the mixture on your face and gently massage your skin for about two minutes. Rinse the scrub off with warm water.





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