July Vibes

It’s July and everyone is on holiday. EVERYONE. How can this be possible? As I keep on browsing social media links I have the feeling that I am probably the only person on this whole wide world who is not busy shooting selfies whilst changing postures on some wonderful seashore or sitting on a banana or flamingo shaped air mattress and drinking cocktails by the side of a pool that is so blue that makes even the sea jealous. That made me wonder for a second when suddenly I found myself searching for unicorn shaped inflatable floating mattresses on the net. Actually they are on sale. What???? Out of stock??? It’s just insane. Where is this world going?

We have an unsatiable yearning that keeps urging us to have what we can’t have and to be where we can’t be. But we all know the old saying, don’t we: the grass is always greener on the other side.. How true it is.. We believe that if we could be in certain places our lives would be perfect. But what does “perfect” really mean? We think that in a different set of circumstances we would be much happier. Even though most probably our lives seem enviable for millions of people we keep thinking that what others have in life is much better even if is not the case.  We are daydreaming, peeping through a keyhole, looking at virtual shopwindows full of superficial happiness and we never stop to think about what lies backstage. We tend to post worthless and unintelligible comments in response to the comments posted by our everyday stars, pretending that we also have a piece of their amazing life.

Well..So it goes.. –  would add Kurt Vonnegut.

This month we will please make-up lovers and those who love to poke around in other people’s bag with a brand new column: What’s in your beauty bag?

In July you will find not 1 but 2 yummy recipes with beautiful step by step pictures in Peter’s magical Pan.  Enikő will once again show us the best movies to watch in July and thanks to Anna’s book review we will travel to South America.

Ready? Let’s go.

Happy July to All of you.



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