Festival Must-haves 2017

In our tiny little country the per capita festival ratio is quite high, therefore there is great chance that you – like most of us – are heading to some of them this summer. You can choose EgerFest, Balaton, or the Strawberry Festival in Tahitótfalu, we will show you what the must-have festival accessories of 2017 are.

1 ) Nipple T-shirt

I know it sounds shocking, but besides her determined battle for the liberation of the nipples, Kendall Jenner also finds some time that she dedicates to kick starting fashion trends. (It is highly probable that whatever the American top model wears once, is going to set the fashion anyhow)

That’s the case with this funky T-shirt. You can get one on Etsy for only 10 € (for the bravest we reccomend to do it at home 🙂 ) ( You can find it HERE).

Source: www.popsugar.com

2 ) Shiseido sunscreen

Usually outdoor programs are all about having fun, relaxing, and de-stressing, when we tend to forget our mobile phones in our bag, we take them out only for some extremely important selfies 🙂 We leave our problems at home, and get lost int he throbbing rhythm of festivals just to return to our usual selves a bit later. But we shouldn’t forget one thing. In our bag we must always carry a sunscreen. It’s quite difficult to choose the right one, but it’s crucial not to save money on sun protection. Our skin is going to be greatful for the caring. The BB cream of the Japanese brand Shiseido could be a great idea. A perfect choice for outdoor activities – jumping on festivals included 🙂 As BB cream covers perfectly our skin problem, we won’t even need any foundation. You can buy it here.

3 ) Polaroid camera

The big comebackers of the year are the Polaroid pictures. We are used to the fact that time to time fashion comes back but we didnt expect that in 2017 a Polaroid camera would be cooler than your latest Iphone. Indeed!

4 ) Golden face paint and removable tattoos

Festivals are great to meet again our long-hidden other selves. For a few hours or days we can bring out the character from inside us that we prefer to hide otherwise – or the one that we might be scared to show 🙂 This year the trend of the removable golden tattooes keeps raging on. We can become Cleopatra, or an indian princess. Whatever we want. This year everything is possible. EVERYTHING. You can find them here

5 ) Pee Funnel (Female Urination Devices)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a joke. It’s very serious. Really. Go Girl launched an object that enables ladies to get acquainted with the liberating experience of peeing in the open which used to something reserved for men only. Whether you believe it or not this quite funny product is extremely successful among festivalers. We are all happy to hear that such inventions exist! Check it out here

6 ) Converse

Comfortable is the new sexy! And let’s confess we women are really happy with it.

This all time classic can be combined with mini skirts , a pair of jeans, or with your favourite leggings. We can save our stilettous for other occasions 🙂

Happy festival season to all of you!



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