June Vibes

It’s hardly been two months when we all went green with envy as we were jealously checking those trendy guys partying at Coachella with a cup of warm tea in our hands. We were pinning their best outfits with aching melancholy while we were wondering about the days when those hot summer nights would return and scare the mosquitoes away, the long evenings on a terrace with a glass of wine and the sweet, hairdryer-free summer months.

Just the other day I was smitten by a mosquito and as I acknowledged the fact I was smiling as I suddenly understood that summer was finally back. Aaaand If it’s summertime it also means that the season of open-air programs is officialy here!

In our tiny little country the per capita festival ratio is quite high, therefore there is great chance that you – like most of us – are heading to some of them this summer. You can choose EgerFest, Balaton, or the Strawberry Festival in Tahitótfalu, this month we will show you what the must-have festival accessories of 2017 are.

This June you can read about the best upcoming movies in Enikő’s movie guide: POPCORN , check the best recipes in our gourmet corner: in Peter’s Pan , read Anna’s amazing book review about Lena Dunham ‘s Not That Kind Of Girl.

Aaaaaand!!! This month we had the opportunity to chat with an extremely talented fashion stylist: Anett Illés. 

Stay tuned 😉 Happy June to all of you <3



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