Monthly Archive: May 2017


Peter’s Pan: Seared tuna steak

Whether you like it fresh or canned, tuna boasts some serious health benefits. It’s good for the brain, heart, bones and is...


Alexa Chung: IT – Book review

Alexa Chung: IT – Anna’s reading challenge In the previous articles I dived into the serious topics the novels touched upon: spirituality, religion...


The Ultimate Wine Horoscope

THE BEST HUNGARIAN WINE FOR YOUR ZODIAC SIGN AQUARIUS, you are honest, loyal and highly intelligent. Easy going and make natural friendships. The new,...


May Vibes

As I am sitting at the tram stop in my winter coat, waiting for tram number 49, and my hair gets all...


This is Pécs.

Everything you ever wanted to experience in a European city, Pécs got it all! The museums, a rich history of more than 2,000...

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