Pain is fuel – 100 km run challenge

Join Vibes in November and December for a 2 months running challenge. We are going to run a distance of 100 km until the year end. Yes! 100 km-s. Yeeeeaaah. I know many of you will think: OMG it’s too much, and some of you will think: that’s nothing 🙂 Anyhow let’s create some good energy together! All you need is a decision that you can do it. And you can! I promise 🙂 And you will feel amazing! There are lots of applications which can help you to track
your miles, like Endomondo, or Runtastic or MI Fit.. If you cannot run or you don’t feel up to it you can also walk. 🙂 You decide if you want to run a bit each day, or you may prefer to run longer distances. It’s your decision. Pain is fuel. Let’s do it!




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