Popcorn October – The Movie Guide

October brings us some gloomy, but all the more exciting movies and the beginning of the month is all about book adaptations! Check out these four choices for October and of course, don’t forget the popcorn! 😉

Oct/6: The Girl on the Train

Based on the worldwide best seller book of Paula Hawkins comes an exciting thriller that shocked the world.
Watch as Rachel (the wonderful Emily Blunt taking on a challenging role once again), a complete antihero,
finds out what happened in the suburbs where she used to live her picture perfect life. Or did she?

Oct/13: Inferno

It seems that no month shall go by without a Tom Hanks movie. I hope that will never change! 🙂 The sixth
book of Dan Brown, the third which was adapted to the movie screen, follows Robert Langdon once again as he saves the world. His beautiful companion this time is the Oscar nominee Felicity Jones. Check out this maybe-not-even-so-far-from-the-reality story in the theaters!

Oct/27: The Accountant

At the end of October comes one of the most awaited pictures of the year. Today most movies are sequels or
remakes, except a few gems such as The Accountant. Ben Affleck as the slightly autistic, but extremely smart
accountant wants only to stay away from people and do his job. This although is not an easy task, when you are
dealing with international criminals. A movie full of action and twists is waiting for you!

Oct/27: Trolls

Now let’s check out something lighter for the end of the month. 🙂 This animated movie is all about colors, happiness
and music. Yes, music and I am sure you already know the biggest hit! Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling is
the first song off the movie’s soundtrack. He himself will be voicing one of the characters, with Anna Kendrick (you
might remember her singing voice from Pitch Perfect) as the other main Troll.




Popcorn - The movie guide

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