Szentendre – The perfect getaway for a day

Picture by Daniel Øyan (Flickr)

Szentendre. Picture by Daniel Øyan (Flickr)

If you  get tired of Budapest (if that is even possible) and you feel like getting away even for one day, you should definitely consider visiting Szentendre. With only one hour of travelling from Móricz Zsigmond square, you can fall into the middle of a wholly different world. In comparison with the buzzing nature of the capital, Szentendre is an enchanted village with its typical tiny-curved little bit dilapidated streets.It does not have one main sight, it is rather
the picturesqueness of the place that still attracts its tourists.To this not only the above mentioned streets attribute but also the vibrant colored houses and the cosy caffees on the main street. What makes it the perfect getaway is that it is diverse yet the differing territories are piled into a tiny place. So if you do not feel like being enclosed by the other tourists, you can enjoy nature in solitude next to the Danube.  Now that autumn is officially  here, you can also adore the riverside as it is decorated with colorful trees. So before the winter arrives and you snuggle up at home, visit Szentendre ! P.S.: If you go with the suburb railway, do not forget to buy the additional ticket to the village!0001



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