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Kecskemét is situated South of Budapest and is a perfect destination for a trip in the weekend. It is one of those Hungarian progressing  cities which has changed  drastically in the last years. And in a good sense ,too. Kecskemét is often called the city of towers: only in the city centre there are six churches :a Calvinist, an Evangelic,two Catholic, a Greek-Orthodox one and even a synagoge. You don’t necessarily have to visit all of them though: you can walk to the roof of the mall and have a view over all of them. However, you can also just sit down on a bench in the flowery ‘Kossuth tér’ in front of the City Hall (another marvelous building in Art Nouveau style) and you can enjoy the sight of most of the churches. Be sure to stay in the neighbor so you could hear the City Hall’s bells playing the song of ‘Kecskemét is kiállítja..’ every hour.
If you visit still this summer, there is a big chance that there will be a festival in the city centre; the biggest of which was the wine festival in June. On that week many cellars set their stands up, offering very good quality wine at a customer-friendly price. If you prefer something stronger though, you can also visit the pálinka stands. Kecskemét is not an ostentatious city but it has some modest beauty which is inviting for a stroll around in it in regardless of the season.

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