One Click Away From Friends

Motumblr_lmwkl4ke2p1qzw0uno1_500st of us spend the whole day in front of our computers: we enter information online, we maintain information online, we advertise online. In this process, people become employee numbers or potential viewers/clients. In order not to get stuck in in this, it is increasingly important to have an offline life, as well as, offline friends. However, after work we are tired and it is easier to simply stay online and chat with people through social media. While it undoubtedly helps connecting friends with each other, social media also gives a false sense of an insight to people. There, friends can become merely images or small texts and as we click through those, we get a glimpses into their lives and it might make us think that we know them. As a consequence, just as the employees/viewers at work, they can also be dehumanized and are considered in terms of the images they shared of themselves Also, the image they present online is an edited one. It is only natural that people do not want to share their bad moments on these platforms, mostly joyful times are published there. And the reason offline friendships are so valuable is that real friends can look beyond this image and support at low points, which will not show up on the timeline. I am not claiming we should delete all of our accounts on social media, it facilitates our lives in many aspects. But if you have some time, instead of sending her a ‘What’s up?’ on messenger arrange a date with your friend, instead of liking her Instagram photo tell her she looks great in person and instead of poking her on facebook, give her a hearty hug.



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